Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Life on the lighter side (caricature of friends)

Here's something I've never tried before! I'm pretty new to drawing caricatures, which is why it was so much fun creating them!

Well these are some of my Looney Tooney friends because of whom life is so colourful!!

                     ^ Sabhya and Suraj

      ^ Vinitha, Sabhya, Suraj and someone!

                                    ^ Asif

                               ^ Raktim

^ Suraj and some poor innocent movie buff

              ^ Preskha, Suraj and Dapoon

              ^ Varsha, Dapoon and Hrishi

                             ^ Oindrila

                                 ^ Noopur

                   ^ Prahalad and Vinodh

                ^ Abha and Viveik Oberoi

                              ^ Mykel

               ^ Harish and Master Shifu

   ^ Mitali and Lakshmi (and Catwoman)

                                  ^ Vinay

                               ^ Surabhi

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