Wednesday, December 24, 2008


One really weird self portrait!! Haha! I was drawing my own reflection on a convex mirror! More of a caricature eh??

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My first lipsync!!

Well got some free time today so thought of doing a lipsync! We aren't taught lipsync as yet (will be done next sem) but I thought I'd try my hand at it anyway! So I recorded my own voice and animated Hogan to it! Although it's a miniature monologue, but still it was AWESOME animating it!! I feel so much refreshed after doing this!! I know there are some mistakes, but I just wanted to try it out and get the feel of it! I was ECSTATIC to see Hogan finally talking!! Check it out!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Jump and weight lift

Hey guys this is a jump assignment given to us. It shouldn't have been more than 10 secs long, but then I took the liberty of stretching it to 30 secs!! I almost killed myself doing this, because I had to finish this in 2 weeks!! Well although I'm not 100% satisfied with all of it, I still very much enjoyed this exercise! Do check it out and pour in your C&C!

And here's my weight lift exercise. It's probably my weakest work, because of the overwhelming experience of having to get used to constraint parents and stuff!! Was quite an ordeal! :(

Body mechanics (basics)

Hey guys! I'm in my second semester of animation and it's SUPERCOOL!! Getting to learn about body mechanics! It's so interesting!! Well these are some of the basic exercises we got to do, and it was so cool working on them! This rig ROCKS! Do give in your C&C!

Normal walk cycle

Normal run cycle

Character walk cycle