Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Storyboard: The mystery

This was a storyboard I did as an art assignment in Takshaa. I love doing storyboards because it takes me back to those days when I used to do comics for fun! I had a great time designing these characters and creating this whole storyboard process. I also did this to try my hand at drawing layouts, creating interesting compositions, perspective etc. The story is something I came up with when I was in the Ninth standard, so it's pretty amateurish. And in fact towards the end I had to suddenly change it due to lack of time! :D


Prasad said...

Ha Ha great ! ...suspense and then revelation, nicely executed ...hope my friends do this to me :D

...between what happened to that car ? ...or did i missed something ? 80

dapOOn said...

haha! thanks for liking it prasad!

actually this story has been changed DRASTICALLY due to lack of time! the original story (which i had thought up when i was in the 9th grade) had a much deeper reason why peter was acting weird. infact the story revolved completely around peter. and that car was an important clue in the story. but i had to change all that and insert a bday party to finish it on time!

anyway i just tried to play with drawing characters, layouts, creating interesting compositions etc etc with this storyboard assignment. so didnt care too much abt the story! :D

perhaps i'll redo it and stick to the original story this time!