Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tapori (Hindi dialogue)

I just FREAKED out on this one!! Right from conceptualization to the end, I loved working on this piece! It's the first ever time I animated a Hindi dialogue. I also wanted to do some subtle acting this time., so it was an enormous challenge working on it! Indian acting is definitely something we should all try. It's a whole new world of acting choices!!! I really learnt a lot from this! Do check it out and pour in your C&C.

This is also officially my last assignment in Takshaa! All I'm waiting for now is the ANIMATION JURY! Fingers crossed!

P.S. For those who don't understand the language, here's the translation.

The first guy,"You know that Meena from Cheekuwadi?? The other evening, she was passing by Nautan lane. I asked her right then and there, you wanna marry me??"

The second guy,"What happened next??"

The first guy,"What could happen?? She SLAPPED me with her sandal!!"

They both start laughing!


Harinarayan said...

nice one mate he hee...

Anonymous said...

Nice work dude..but it looking little pose to pose...can be bette

Sachin :0)

dapOOn said...

hey thanks harinarayan and sachin! sure will look into those issues sachin! thanks for the feedback!

cheers! :)

anonymous said...

I love those dialogues.
Nice work.Needs a bit of polish and detailing though but its nice.
good job.