Sunday, January 10, 2010


Hey guys happy new year to you all!! Hope this new year, you all get whatever you dreamed of! Well I know I haven't updated my blog for quite a while, sorry about that! But there's some bad news. I met with this terrible road accident on 12 Nov 2009. I crushed both my legs and fractured my left arm! And I've been on bedrest ever since. However the good news is I'm getting better bit by bit, day by day. My left arm & right leg have almost healed up. The left leg might take this entire year! Don't worry guys, as an animator, I'm keeping my spirits high in this period of low! I'll come outta this and start animating again! Just hang on guys... I'll make it! :)


pcavale said...

Thats damn sad man!! ... very unfortunate!!
get well soon and have a great year ahead!! :)


Mitali P said...


Mitali P said...

is it paining? or you are just pretending?

dapOOn said...

@ prashanth, thanks for ur wishes buddy! :)

@ mitali, lol, well lets just say i act very well! :P