Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I tried a little 2D animation! Really wanted to get back to 2D to see if I still had it in me! Was fun animating this without giving two hoots about gimbals or graph editor problems! :D

P.S. Don't try this at home :D

Animated in: Animation-ish (Thanks Mitali for telling me about this great software!) :)

(YouTube link, in case Vimeo doesn't work)

EDIT: Here's a progression of the shot.


Sumeet Surve said...

LOL. Nice GAG!!! Too good. Looks Awesome with the colors on now.

Mitali P said...

you NEED not mention me...
and yeah.. it's painful.. huahahah.. i know how much you enjoy that.. :D

Asif said...

LOL!!! that was funny and entertaining dude. Thanks for the comment on my progress reel. BTW if i am not wrong you animated the shot for Rangeela's dialogue right. I had seen that quiet a while ago on 11SC i guess it was last year :P i really enjoyed that one and your other animations too. hope to meet you too someday ;) and work as well. Keep in touch buddy.

Swarazo said...

cool concept and animation man loved the timing and acting part n especially the overall weight in animation cool work man :D

dapOOn said...

@ sumeet, thanks bro! the most dragging things here were the clean-ups and the colouring... glad i didnt give up halfway! haha!!

@ mitali, ofcourse i would mention u! this piece couldnt have been possible if u hadnt introduced me to the software and if i hadnt seen ur monster-gobbling-up-the-screen video! and yea i LOVE it when u say it's painful! lol

@ asif, thanks buddy! yes i was the one who made the tapori clip. it was fun doing a hindi dialogue and some indian acting! i too hope we get to work together one day! :)

@ swarazo, i was introduced to your blog by my friend asif faizulla who was in paprikaas (aka technicolor). i was floored by your work, esp 2D! thanks for liking this clip!

cheers! :)

Amoun said...

Disgusting it is. There are like a lot more things you can do it make it look better like her mask coming of and boy fainting etc etc. This is just disgusting.