Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Character animation reel 2010

Hey guys here's my latest reel. Thanks to the 11 Second Club for the great audio clips. They really helped form a major part of the reel! I wanna do some more tests soon, but for now, this is my reel! :)
Dapoon character animation reel 2010 from Dapoon Rai Dewan on Vimeo.
Shot breakdown:

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

THE POSE! (11 sec club Sept 2010) 2nd placer!!

Hey guys a yet YET another 11SC attempt! I think I'm hooked to the site! I really had a great time animating this shot, more so because it was like laughing at myself! :D

Well do check it out and pour in your precious C&Cs! (YouTube link, in case Vimeo doesn't work)

The lighting was done again by the BRILLIANT Santhosh Pai. It really pushed the piece to another level! :)

Here's a shot progression of the piece. And yes I used a pencil and an AC remote as the cigarette and the lighter, because I don't smoke! Haha!!

P.S. Woohoo!! I finished 2nd out of 206 entries! :D

EDIT: Yay! This shot progression made it to the Animation Progression Reels blog too! Thanks Andrei! :)

Animated in: MAYA 2009

Clouds (my first scape "painting")

My first attempt at doing a scape painting! This was done while flying to Guwahati, Assam when I saw those beautiful clouds outside my window! Clouds really fascinate me. Now if only I could paint right! >.<
And yes I soon ran out of patience and laptop battery! :P

Painted in: Photoshop CS4