Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Character animation reel 2010

Hey guys here's my latest reel. Thanks to the 11 Second Club for the great audio clips. They really helped form a major part of the reel! I wanna do some more tests soon, but for now, this is my reel! :)
Dapoon character animation reel 2010 from Dapoon Rai Dewan on Vimeo.
Shot breakdown:


Andrew said...

yes yes yes.

Quality work my friend, please keep it up!

Just an aside, but - how long do you spend lighting and rendering. I ask because your work alway looks like the finished article and i wondered if that stage takes a huge part of your time or if you have it nailed now and just apply a custom lighting rig.

Again, fantastic stuff and well done on 2nd place.

Andrew said...

nevermind about the rendering question - all i had to do was read further down to discover the answer... D'oh.

Dapoon said...

Thanks for the kind words Andrew! Yes, as you may have found out, I ask my friends to help me out in lighting (and texturing) because I really SUCK at it! :D
Here's to doing even BETTER work in the future! :)

sandya said...

veryyy coool reel!

Swapnil said...

Just a quick question did you get the rigged models from somewhere or did you make them yourself....

Dapoon said...

Thanks Sandya! :)

Swapnil, these are rigs freely available online ( I did add further modifications (like, the beard in the first shot).

The MJ rig is actually pjHogan. I have modified him into MJ. In fact I've even shared it on my blog for downloading (