Tuesday, October 5, 2010

THE POSE! (11 sec club Sept 2010) 2nd placer!!

Hey guys a yet YET another 11SC attempt! I think I'm hooked to the site! I really had a great time animating this shot, more so because it was like laughing at myself! :D

Well do check it out and pour in your precious C&Cs! (YouTube link, in case Vimeo doesn't work)

The lighting was done again by the BRILLIANT Santhosh Pai. It really pushed the piece to another level! :)

Here's a shot progression of the piece. And yes I used a pencil and an AC remote as the cigarette and the lighter, because I don't smoke! Haha!!

P.S. Woohoo!! I finished 2nd out of 206 entries! :D

EDIT: Yay! This shot progression made it to the Animation Progression Reels blog too! Thanks Andrei! :)

Animated in: MAYA 2009


Rekha Thorat said...

Love the concept! awesome execution!! Keep up the the great work

Péter Nagy said...

Congrats DapOOn!
Very nice work! Fine details and funny reference video too! :)
Keep it up!

Fromage3D said...

Great stuff man! Next time you'll win! :)


Sumeet Surve said...

Awesomeness!!! Sky high! Love the overlapping.

Dapoon said...

Thanks guys!! Here's to doing even BETTER stuff in the future! :D