Sunday, December 19, 2010

Plagiarism sucks!!

I really hate plagiarism, and much to my disappointment, today I found my work being so comfortably uploaded on a website. That sounds flattering, but what pissed me off was that the uploader (some Gaurav) actually claimed it to be HIS! (I've highlighted those parts in the image above with a yellow box). I don't know who that guy is, but this is really disappointing, especially because I had worked really hard on that piece and spent many sleepless nights on it.

I know as of now, I can't really do much about it. I'm just one ME. And anyway this is not some super awesome animation to overreact to. But the point is plagiarism is really a serious problem in our field. Using watermark is a solution, but I think it spoils the beauty of the work. But then I guess that's the only way to protect our work from these plagiarists.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Flying School (Spungella Fall 2010 contest)

Hey guys here's a small animation clip done for the Spungella 100 frame Fall 2010 contest. Topic given was : FLYING SCHOOL to be animated in exactly 100 frames.

Although I had a week-long deadline for it, I finished 'animating' this in 8 hours straight (8pm to 4:30am) because I had commitments for later. There is definitely a lot I could have added to this, but I got hasty! Please pour in your C&Cs. :)

Well I had a lot of fun animating this in a straight ahead fashion. Congrats to the winner Ted Lister!

Note to self: Never try to animate superfast!

Animated in: Digicel Flipbook 6