Sunday, December 5, 2010

Flying School (Spungella Fall 2010 contest)

Hey guys here's a small animation clip done for the Spungella 100 frame Fall 2010 contest. Topic given was : FLYING SCHOOL to be animated in exactly 100 frames.

Although I had a week-long deadline for it, I finished 'animating' this in 8 hours straight (8pm to 4:30am) because I had commitments for later. There is definitely a lot I could have added to this, but I got hasty! Please pour in your C&Cs. :)

Well I had a lot of fun animating this in a straight ahead fashion. Congrats to the winner Ted Lister!

Note to self: Never try to animate superfast!

Animated in: Digicel Flipbook 6


Andrew said...

I saw this on the Spungella reel and liked it then. As ever, very nice work.

Dapoon said...

Thanks Andrew! I still think it could've been better, especially the effects! Oh heck it was fun nonetheless! :)

Sumeet Surve said...

Nice nice nice!!! reminded me of my old 2D days. Nostalgia.

Dapoon said...

Thanks bro! :)