Monday, March 28, 2011

Animals (quick sketches)

Trying to learn animal sketches (and animations) this year (something I've been procrastinating like crazy).

This is my pet Maggie playing with our maid. One of the toughest challenges is to sketch her when she's awake and playing (she's too restless. In fact check out this video of her when she was a puppy). I could somehow manage to do TWO decent ones when she was tired and sleeping! Haha! (Done in Photoshop CS4)

These are some sketches of some pet fish in my aquarium. Was quite difficult to capture the delicate fins. (Done in good ol' pencil and paper)

I'll keep doing more! :)


Rimmel Livera said...

so cool! i love the fishies<3!!

JKR said...

Nice! I totally understand the difficulty of attempting moving animals. I've tried to draw my mother's cat while he's playing with a laser pointer, but to little success, ha ha. The fish are looking very nice, too!

Dapoon said...

Thanks guys!! :)

JKR, haha! I can so imagine! Quite a challenge to sketch restless animals.

Aparna-Appie! said...

i understand the difficulty in capturing moving animals,but u've managed very well...loved the dog drawings :)

Dapoon said...

Hey thanks Aparna! :)