Sunday, March 27, 2011

My first animation ever! :)

Hey look what I found! My first EVER animation!! :D

This was done when I was in my first animation institute called ANTS, Bangalore (2005-ish). I remember I was still in my Basic Drawing classes and lightboxes weren't introduced to us yet. I was simply practicing Aladdin's sketch from a 'How to draw Aladdin' book and thought why not animate it! I got onto the lightbox and animated this straight-ahead (pun intended)! I didn't care about the fact that I knew nothing about 2D animation (or for that matter, animation) back then, I just wanted to animate it!

The feeling of flipping my drawings, seeing them move, and eventually seeing the whole animation on the computer is something I'll never forget! It was such great fun! I really miss my lightbox now. :')


Pooja Krishnan said...

nice one considering its ur first!

(i tried doing the same thing in a loop and ended up looking plain retarded :| )

Rimmel Livera said...

cool! :D

Dapoon said...

Thank you both! :)

Anonymous said...

Liked your blog. Wonderful stuff, you have listed here.

I have a Q. Do you know where I can buy the paper used for 2D Animation (the one to be used with Lightbox, ie a 3-peg or 2-peg hole paper). I am in Bangalore, since you studied at ANTS Bangalore, I thought you may know.

Mary .

Dapoon said...

Thanks Mary! I don't really know where you get punched sheets nowadays. (I faintly remember Infantry road back then, but I'm probably wrong). I asked my friends and they advised to purchase a punching machine instead. It makes sense in the long run if you wanna do 2D animation for a considerable time. They said you can get one in Kohlapur, Maharashtra (I don't really know the details, but the one thing I often hear is punching machines are expensive... and I still don't see why or how).