Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Some embarrassing animal tests

I figured it was high time I did some animal animations. Here are some embarrassing first-time tests. Animals are challenging, but fun nevertheless!! :D

C&Cs welcome!

Animated in: Flipbook 6 and MAYA 2009


Aparna-Appie! said...

wow! the third one looks awesome!... very well done.

Andrew said...

Really nice (as always).

Something that stuck out for me though was the front gait on the 2nd video. It looks like the legs are travelling forwards and back but have no side to side. I think the step, especially on the back legs, should come into the centreline a little. Like everything in figure 8 motions.

I know that that siounds incredibly vague but i hope you understand what i mean.

Carry on though. I always like watching animal animations. Well done =)B

Dapoon said...

Thanks guys!! :D

Andrew, thanks a lot for the critique. I see it very clearly now. Must admit I was somehow really scared that I would have to animate an animal in 3D, so I decided to face my fears this time! Haha!

I just finished my first animal acting shot. I'll put it up soon.


JKR said...

Nice start! One thing I'd suggest on the running pup is to really push the compression when he lands. You've got a little up and down movement on the body, but if he's dashing as quickly and forcefully as that pose, he's going to be really tensing all the muscles when he lands and pushes off, which means his whole body will get into it. You've got a terrific amount of stretch on his ribs-to-pelvis while he runs, so apply a similar amount to the vertical too!

Good job, though. Very nicely done.

Dapoon said...

Hey JKR, thanks a lot for that pointer. I see what you mean. I realize I hadn't thought of so many things. Just started off animating it. :D

Thanks all you guys!

Rimmel Livera said...

the running one is awesome maaaaaaaaaan!!!!

Adil dekate said...

The third one is truly awesome :D

Dapoon said...

Thanks guys! :)