Friday, March 16, 2012

Winner of FICCI Frames BAF Award 2012 for Best Animated Promo

Woohoo! 'Return of The Jungle' won BEST ANIMATED PROMO at the FICCI Frames 2012 BAF Awards!! Held at the Renaissance Hotel, Powai, Mumbai, it was a star studded evening with some of the best in the industry! And of course I gave my first acceptance speech too! Gotta admit, was quite nervous up there! Haha!!

Congrats to the entire team and the man behind it - Vaibhav Kumaresh!!

Also congrats to everyone else who won! Here's the full list of the BAF Award winners.

P.S. More pics here and here.


Sumeet Surve said...

Nice and Congrats. Well deserved. What was the speech you gave? Also I can see that the walker has gone and there's a clutch now. Good recovery. Happy!

Dapoon said...

Thanks bro! :) The speech was a simple 'thank you'! Haha!