Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Some of my professional work

Whew! Quite a long while since I last posted here! Sorry guys, was busy as a bee working as an animator and a freelance illustrator! :)

Well here are a few of my animation work that I did in Vaibhav Studios. I hope you'll like it!

^ Was a lot of fun working on this Bengali woman! I sort of took inspiration from one of my aunts who's just as nagging because she has to do all the housework while her husband simply lazes around! Haha!

This was a winners announcement clip of a contest (also animated by us) for Disney Channel India. We did more of such clips. Check them out here (the Punjabi family clip was done by me too)
.... ....

These TV spots below were done for Nickelodeon India and were directed by the incredible Rajiv Eipe. Absolutely loved working on his crazy ideas!

^ Animated the Astronaut, the Lizard, and the Auto Rickshaw (not the driver).

^ Animated the hill, the ant electrocuted, TeeVee (yes that's his name) diving, and the two crazy dudes chasing around in love.

^ Animated TeeVee, among a few others.

^ Animated the opening shot, the caterpillar getting high, among a few others.

All work copyright of Vaibhav Studios.


damncreative said...

Freaking bloody awesome stuff bro. Totally loved it. I am sure you had a lot of fun animating those characters...Love it

Life Line said...

That is so cool....

Janki Soni said...

superb work Dapoon! :D