Friday, November 11, 2016

Health update: back on the bike!

Hey guys, so after a seven year hiatus, I'm finally back on a bike!! I had met with a road accident while riding my bike on this very fateful day, back in 2009. My legs were crushed after a water tanker ran over them. With no hope of ever being able to walk again to the point of possible leg amputation, it was indeed a really tough time for me and my family. But depsite such hardship, the accident couldn't dampen my spirit and love for cycling. I made a decision back then that I wouldn't quit, and that I would get back on the saddle someday. It took me a long long time to come this far to face my fears, but on my 7th accident anniversary, that moment has finally come! A big thank you for all the love and support during my toughest times. I love you all, and I hope you'll continue to support me and my decision of riding again!


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